Labor & Employment and Employment Litigation

Gaston Legal is dedicated to protecting the rights of all employees and our Labor and Employment Law practice serves to do just that. If your employer has discriminated against you, failed to pay wages you are owed, or failed to provide you with CFRA/FMLA leaves or medical leave, retaliated against you for exercising your rights under the law, or if any employee or employer has harassed you or wrongfully terminated you from your job, then you are entitled to justice under the law.

Our Labor and Employment Law practice advises clients on a wide spectrum of the employment relationship, including matters involving:

  • Executive and other employment agreements
  • Arbitration and other alternative dispute agreements with employees and executives
  • Unfair competition and employee raiding
  • Sexual harassment & employment discrimination
  • Wrongful termination
  • Advice in connection with corporate mergers and reorganizations
  • Counseling pertaining to reductions in force
  • Federal and state wage and hour laws
  • Pension and trust fund issues under ERISA and other federal laws
  • Workplace health and safety

The workplace is governed by many complicated laws and regulations, and our labor and employment specialists have extensive experience in advising clients regarding issues involving all aspects of the employment relationship. When working with employers, we seek not just the best solution to the particular issue but to discover whether there are particular procedures or policies that could be implemented to prevent similar problems.

We take a strategic approach to every engagement, assisting employers in the negotiation and execution of collective bargaining agreements, developing and implementing union avoidance strategies, preparing strike responses, and arbitrating grievances.

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