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Class Action Lawsuit

In 2012, Mr. Michael Carpenter, Mr. Christopher Whelchel, and Gray, Layton, Kersh, Solomon, Furr, & Smith, P.A. filed a class action lawsuit against the state of North Carolina on behalf of former Chief Justice Beverly Lake and 25 other class representatives and approximately 170,000 retirees who are seeking restoration of retiree health insurance benefits. The […]

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One of the largest and most dynamic pieces of Enterprise Risk Management today is the emerging field that involves protecting organizations from threats as varied as nation-states, cyber criminals, national and international business competitors, hacktivists, and most prolifically, business ransom criminals. By the end of 2020, the statistics suggest that the Internet of Things (IoT) […]

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NCAE – Tenure amicus

Gray Layton Kersh attorneys Michael Carpenter and Marcus Carpenter recently drafted and filed an amicus brief (or “friend of the court brief”) in the North Carolina Supreme Court on behalf the North Carolina Retired Governmental Employees Association and in support of teachers who lost their career status protection (a/k/a tenure status) when the General Assembly […]

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Retirement Health Benefits Class Action Certified

Retirement Health Benefits Class Action Certified; Summary Judgment Decision Pending On September 2, 2016, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Edwin Wilson certified a case filed by Gray Layton Kersh as a class action.  Gray Layton Kersh attorneys Michael Carpenter and Bill Moore argued in favor of class certification along with Gary Jackson of the Rabon […]

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Constitution Violated Reducing Retirement Health Benefits

GASTONIA, NC – On Friday, May 19, 2017, North Carolina Superior Court Judge Edwin Wilson, Jr. issued an order finding that the State of North Carolina had violated the North Carolina and U.S. Constitutions when it reduced retirement health benefits promised to retired state workers.  The Court found that the State had breached its contract […]

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