One of the largest and most dynamic pieces of Enterprise Risk Management today is the emerging field that involves protecting organizations from threats as varied as nation-states, cyber criminals, national and international business competitors, hacktivists, and most prolifically, business ransom criminals. By the end of 2020, the statistics suggest that the Internet of Things (IoT) will exceed 5 Billion devices. Two types of business organizations exist today: (1) Those that have been compromised and those which will be compromised, OR, (2) Those which have been compromised and know it, and those which have been compromised and DO NOT. There is no longer an “IF” in the business equation of today’s market.  Data breaches and even physical damage from cyber activity are daily headlines in the news.  Unauthorized wire transfers of as much as several million dollars are persistent threats encountered frequently in our practice. Companies today have an evolving legal duty to protect their Intellectual Property (IP), the Private Health Information (PHI) of their employees, the Private Information (PI) of their employees, and the Private Information (PI) of their customers.


The most engaging way to fight this tide of intrusive activity is by education of our clients’ C suite executives to the threats that exist and how to mitigate or eliminate these threats. Through case studies, lecture from top national experts in their field, technical work- shops and simulations—all focused on education of the C suite (CEO, CFO, CTO, CIO, CISO, CAO and CGC), boards of directors, and audit committees, I deliver foundational knowledge in security models, risk assessment and response, secure systems development, crisis management and legal, regulatory and compliance issues. Beginning in September, I will again serve as author, speaker, and moderator of the well-noted Wake Forest University Cybersecurity Certificate Program. Covering a wide array of topics over 5 consecutive Tuesday nights, the program will educate and enlighten the participants in the fundamentals of cyber and enterprise risk.     David Furr


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