Property Insurance Claims & Insurance Coverage Disputes

If your home or business has been the unlucky victim of a fire, storm, burst pipe, or other unexpected calamity, you expect your insurance provider to be there to help you pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, too many times, an insurance carrier will be an obstacle rather than a helping hand. This is especially true if you have a large loss. Many insurance carriers will drag out the claims review process in order to wear down an already weary policyholder, with hopes that those most affected by a disaster will give-in to their low-ball settlement offers or give-up entirely on the claim.

Gray Layton Kersh provides representation to homeowners and business owners in disputes with their insurance carriers over coverage of claims and the amount, processing, and scope of losses to homes and businesses. Our firm provides help from the onset of a claim, including representation through the initial claims process and assistance and representation in appraisal proceedings, throughout the process including the filing of any litigation in State and Federal Courts. We have experience in and have tried cases against insurance carriers for unfair claims settlement practices and for the bad faith refusal to pay a claim.


Michael L. Carpenter

William E. Moore, Jr.

Marcus R. Carpenter

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