Community Association and Condominium Law

Our attorneys assist clients in the regulatory compliance process required for the registration, sale and operation of condominiums and other planned developments.  Our practice includes residential, office, retail and industrial developments, from newly constructed projects to the conversion of existing properties to condominium ownership and mixed–use developments.

In addition, we handle all aspects of the collection process for our association clients, from the filing of liens and the instituting foreclosure proceedings or, if needed, prosecuting lawsuits.  Our firm also provides guidance to condominium and community associations, developers, and individual owners in the following areas:

-Creating and developing associations;
-Interpreting drafting, amending and enforcing restrictive covenants;
-Collection unpaid dues, assessments and fines through liens, foreclosure and/or litigation;
-Real property disputes, litigation and dispute resolution;
-Acting as general counsel for associations;
-Litigation at both the trial and appellate level;