Appellate Advocacy

The Firm has a preeminent and active practice in North Carolina’s appellate courts. In recent years, we have represented clients in appeals in both State and Federal Appellate Courts on a wide variety of issues.  We have multiple attorneys with extensive experience with North Carolina’s specialized appellate practice and procedure.  One of our greatest assets is our ability to creatively weave complicated facts and novel questions of law into a persuasive legal argument. Our experience and innovation present us with a great advantage in appellate litigation.

Our lawyers have substantial experience arguing before the United States Courts of Appeals, the North Carolina Supreme Court and the North Carolina Court of Appeals. In addition to appeals in cases that we have handled from the beginning, we are often engaged by clients, and other lawyers, for the sole purpose of assisting at the appellate level.

In both federal and state courts, we provide our clients with a wide range of appellate service, including work at the trial level to frame legal arguments for appeal, particularly on case-dispositive and post-judgment motions, drafting extraordinary writ petitions, strategic analysis of when and where to pursue further review and, of course, briefs and oral argument in appellate courts. We actively monitor appellate developments relevant to our clients’ industries to alert them to the potential effect of pending cases and forthcoming rulings.